Be self-controlled and alert
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Andy kept the audience captivated. 1800 men and boys hardly made a sound. 

Dr. David Wilson, Sr. Pastor


Of the 12+ years of hosting our event, I've never seen an audience so captivated. 
David Lyon, Men's Director


As one student wrote in their yearbook, "It was the highlight of my school year!"

Noel Cherry, FCA Director


My son said, "It's the best sermon he ever heard!" His testimony is one that moves you to the edge of your seat.

James Gomez, Sr. Pastor


Andy's story is riveting. It deeply affected our guests of all ages and 212 responded to the Gospel of Jesus. 

Dallas Dix, Sr. Pastor


Andy's story is captivating and inspiring and had our men on the edge of their seats. His story of surrendering to Christ led 115 of our men to our Savior. 

Tony Walliser, Sr. Pastor

Andy has a tremendous story of God's love, grace, and mercy that is a blessing to all who hear. I highly recommend him! 

Roland Smith, Sr. Pastor

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6-28-2010 12;25;39 PM
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Keep your audience on the edge of their seats with this captivating mountain lion attack survivor story of never giving up, believing in oneself, and being saved by God's grace.
What's your mountain lion?



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